Why violence ?

The campaign to reduce violence in Ireland.

Why Violence? challenges the widely held belief that physical or emotional violence are normal, acceptable or inevitable behaviours within Irish society. Our objective is to create awareness that everybody benefits from a society without violence.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everybody in Ireland should live without fear of emotional or physical violence. We invite like-minded individuals and organizations to become part of this movement to change Ireland’s future to embrace a culture of safety and respect and move away from a culture that sees violence as acceptable and inevitable.

Violence is an easy option. Active non-violence on the other hand requires effort, patience and commitment.

Cross Community Initiative

Why Violence? is a cross community group that has come together to build a campaign that will reduce the level of violence on the island of Ireland.

Initially several of the group came together as Quakers, but this is not a Quaker campaign, nor the campaign of any one agency, group or institution – rather they want to build a truly broad-based alliance of individuals and organisations who will work together under the neutral “Why Violence?” identity to build a movement which will change attitudes, beliefs and behaviours about violence across Irish society, both North and South.

For additional information click, go to our dedicated website, www.whyviolence.com


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