Junior Yearly Meeting

Junior Yearly Meeting, or JYM, is an annual gathering for young Quakers (anyone between 14 and 18 — you don’t have to be a Member, just be interested and willing to get involved) from all over the island of Ireland. This year’s theme, ‘What canst thou say: ethical questions for young Friends today’, will be explored through workshops and small-group discussion sessions, with plenty of time left over for games, entertainment and free time to just get to know other young Quakers.  http://www.irishjym.com/

If you haven’t been to JYM before, we’d love you to come along this year. JYM is a wonderfully welcoming event, and year after year people become the best of friends over just a few days. But if you’re at all nervous and would like to ask questions or just talk it through, please contact Carolan Goggin on irishjym@gmail.com.

If you have been to JYM before, you don’t need us to tell you how much fun it is but please do come back this year and encourage any other young people you know to join us too.

To find out more, download the leaflet here. To attend, download and complete the application form and send it off. You can either print it out and post it to Nicholas McMurry, or complete it on your PC and click the submit button at the end of the form to email it to the organisers. This will only work if you use email software (like Microsoft Outlook, for example) instead of using a web-based email account.