IYM Public Lecture – Friday 29th April

The Yearly Meeting Public Lecture is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to meet Quakers.  It will be given by Ross Chapman at 7.30 pm on Friday 29th April with the title Called to be Friends.

Yearly Meeting 2011 will take place in Dublin at The King’s Hospital School, Palmerston from Thursday 28th April to Sunday 1st May.

Quaker organisation is controlled by meetings rather than by clergy.  Yearly Meeting is responsible for the affairs of meetings all over Ireland.  All members are entitled to take part.  The business includes the finances, consideration of reports of the many national committees and hearing of the work and concerns of Quakers worldwide.  Other religions receive invitations to send representatives.  While the central event for all Quaker communities is the local Meeting for Worship held every Sunday, Yearly Meeting is the occasion when Friends from all parts of Ireland and from further afield have the opportunity to meet and worship together.