How to Get Access to Members’ Area – Instructions

What’s in the Members’ Area?

The Quakers in Ireland Website now has a members’ area where members of the Society and regular attenders can read and download a variety of documents and forms.  These include items such as meeting and committee reports, event programmes, application forms and commitee membership details.

Who Can Get Access?

Anyone whose name appears on the 2010 List of Names and Addresses (Purple Book) can gain access to the members’ area by following below instructions. If your name doesn’t appear in the 2010 list, you can also ask the clerk of your preparative meeting to request access on your behalf by sending an email to

How to Sign Up for Access

In order to get access to the members’ area of the website, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. In the main menu click ‘Members Area‘ and select ‘Register for Access‘. You will then be on a page titled ‘Members Area’.
  2. Scroll half way down the page and you will see a form entitled ‘New Users Registration”
  3. Fill in the form with the required information as follows:
  • Username – make up an easy-to-remember username, this can be your surname and initials if you like.
  • First Name – your first name
  • Last Name – your last name email address – We need your email address in order for us to send you a password.
  • Phone number – we use this to verify your identity.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form when you are happy that you have filled out the form with the correct information. You will get an email from us within 24 hours, confirming your username and giving you a password.

If you do not get an email with these details within 24 hours, check the spam folder in your email to make sure the email has not been trapped.  You can also email who will re-issue the password by email.

Changing your Password or Personal Details

When you log in for the first time, click on ‘Register for Access’ in the Members Area menu. Here you will now see two links – ‘Edit my Information‘ and ‘Change Password‘.  If you click on on the ‘Edit my Information‘ link you can update the personal information you have supplied. If you click on the ‘Change Password‘ link you can change your password for something that may be easier for you to remember.

Your Privacy

Please take some time to review our privacy policy before you sign up.