Peace Vigil at Shannon Airport on 11th March

Limerick Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) invites you to join them at the Peace Vigil at Shannon Airport on 11th March 2012.

Shannonwatch and PANA have been organising peace vigils at the entrance of Shannon Airport every 2nd Sunday of the month for some time.  They speak on behalf of all in Ireland who are unhappy with the US military use of the airport.

A special effort is being made to meet on Sunday 11th March to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the US war against the people of Iraq.  Denis Halliday is one of the people who will be marking this event.

Limerick Meeting invites all Friends in Ireland to join us on 11th March to consider the peace testimony and its place amongst Friends, and then to join the peace vigil at Shannon Airport.

Join us for:

  • Meeting at 11am
  • Soup and sandwiches at 12pm
  • 12.30pm – Denis Halliday and others will share their experiences of the Quaker peace testimony and its place today
  • 1.30pm – to airport for vigil at 2pm.

For further information please contact Anne Goggin –