Annual Historical Lecture 12th June 2014 – Bulmer Hobson by Dr Marnie Hay

Friends Historical Committee host the Annual Historical Lecture 2014 at Quaker House, Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 on Thursday 12th June 2014.                                     There will be a display of historical material in the Historical Library, Quaker House at 7pm and the Lecture will commence at 7.30pm

BULMER HOBSON  –  A Quaker Nationalist    by  Dr Marnie Hay                                 Bulmer Hobson was born to a Quaker family in County Down, but is better known for his involvement with the Nationalist movement in the early twentieth century. Dr. Hay is an authority on the Irish cultural revival and the Irish revolution and has researched and written on the life of Bulmer Hobson. In this lecture she will examine his Quaker background and the apparent conflicts between his pacifist upbringing and his political beliefs.