A new Quaker Worship Group in Co. Kilkenny

A new Quaker Worship Group has been set up in Co. Kilkenny.

Second Sunday of each month at 11am
(for the next 5 months and will then be reviewed)

The Group, by kind invitation of Julie Calder-Potts, will take place in a building in the yard of their organic orchard on the Callan road (N76) out of Kilkenny, half way between Callan and Kilkenny.

Coming from Kilkenny, it is 7km (4.7 miles) from the Kilkenny/Callan roundabout, on the left hand side.
(If you get to Duggans Steel you are a mile too far, turn around and come back!)
From Callan it is 5 miles on the right hand side.
Drive up the avenue and into the yard.


Contact is Winifred Rochford – mobile 0863592897.