Culture Night – Dublin & Cork 22nd September

Dublin Meeting and Cork Meeting will open their doors to welcome members of the public on Culture Night – 22nd September 2017. All welcome!

Art by local Quakers, as well as art on Quaker-related themes or inspired by the ideals of simplicity, equality and peace will be on display in Cork Meeting, Summerhill South, from 5pm – 8pm. There will also be a small informational exhibit about Quaker artists over the past few centuries in Ireland and abroad. Some of the art pieces will be available for purchase through a Silent Auction – bids will be accepted throughout the evening, and each item will go to the person making the highest bid by the end of the evening. Proceeds from the Silent Auction will go toward the Quaker Meeting’s project to renovate and extend its Meeting House.

Literature and posters will be on display in Dublin Meeting, Eustace Street, from 5pm-10pm with lots of information about Quaker history, our beliefs and activities, including the Quaker influence on the Irish temperance movement and Pioneer Association. Dublin Quakers will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have over tea, coffee and biscuits.

There will also be a series of talks during the evening:

5:30 – How Irish Quakers are responding to the refugee crisis (Miriam Ryan)

6:00 – The Quaker Testimonies (Ian Woods)

6:30 – Magic Lantern show (John McCormick)

7:00 – The Alternatives to Violence Project and it’s work in Irish prisons (Dorothee Danieu)

7:30 – QCEA and Quaker work at a European level (Sean McCrum)

8:00 – Eco-Quakers: the response of Irish Friends to environmental destruction and climate change (Fran Brady)

8:30 – Quaker Youth Camps (Lydia Garland-Moloney)

9:00 – What do Quakers believe? (Neville Keery)

9:30 – Women in Irish Quakerism (Claire Chambers)

All welcome!