Celebrate World Quaker Day! 1st October!

Irish Quakers will be joining Friends throughout the world in marking World Quaker Day on 1st October!

Churchtown Friends will be singing Quaker songs before Meeting for Worship and Rathfarnham Friends will follow their Meeting for Worship with a worship-sharing session on ‘What being a Quaker means to me’.

South Belfast Friends, meanwhile, will be talking about Quaker holidays abroad.

The theme of World Quaker Day 2017 is “gathering in worship around the globe”.

As the sun rises in each area of the world, we remember that Quakers are worshiping through every time zone, celebrating our deep connections across cultures and Quaker traditions. We are united in love and accompany each other on this special day that draws us together. As we worship, we hold each other in prayer and thanksgiving, and let our hymns of praise resound across the world.

Find out more about World Quaker Day here.