Appeal for Ramallah Friends School, Palestine

Guided by Quaker principles and values, Ramallah Friends School (RFS) in Palestine nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning and innovative application of knowledge and skills, enabling its students to become independent, adaptable but principled, socially responsible, and internationally-minded citizens.The need is growing and so is RFS. In 2018 the school had to turn away more students than ever. The current economic and political situation in the Holy Land is creating additional pressure, but a commitment has been made to keep tuition and fees accessible for anyone. Currently tuition only covers 80% of  costs. The additional cost of providing a safe and effective educational environment for the pupils is dependent upon donors.

The Quaker International Education Trust has launched an appeal for donations. If you wish to make a donation, you can do so here.

At Ramallah Friends School there is a deep need to meet critical issues as they surface due to the violence and unrest in the Holy Land.