Junior Yearly Meeting 2020/21 30th Dec. 2020 – 3rd Jan. 2021 – POSTPONED


Sadly Junior Yearly Meeting, scheduled for December 2020, in Moyallon Centre has been postponed.

Further information will follow.

Junior Yearly Meeting is open to Young Friends aged 14-18 years
or anyone who would have been 18 on Easter Sunday 2020.

The theme for JYM 2020-2021 is Simplicity. Over the course of the week we will discuss the value of simplicity in our lives and in the workings of the world. Through our sessions we’ll look at what happens when we slow down and allow ourselves to be bored – this often leads to creativity – and we’ll debate the importance of simplicity, and what it actually is.

In order to contemplate this year’s theme, we will host a panel discussion. Through workshops we’ll explore our interpretation of simplicity and our attitudes towards it. We’ll also discuss how each
one of us can bring more simplicity to our lives.