World Quaker Day 4th October 2020

Every year in early October, the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) facilitates the celebration of “World Quaker Day” – providing a framework for Quakers worldwide to connect with each other, become more aware of the wonderful diversity of the World Family of Friends and celebrate all expressions of Quaker Worship. More information can be found at the link

This year, World Quaker Day will be celebrated on Sunday 4th October.  The theme for World Quaker Day 2020 chosen by FWCC is  “What does it mean to be a Quaker today? Living a faithful life in a changing world.”  

It won’t be possible to do many of the activities one might normally think of for World Quaker Day – opening our Meeting Houses to the public, giving public talks, holding a candlelit evening Meeting for Worship, holding discussions or doing creative activities based on the theme. At the same time, Clerks may wish to let Friends in their Meetings know about World Quaker Day, and perhaps even organise some kind of discussion or other activity related to the World Quaker Day theme in the near future – either in person with social distancing, or virtually using an online platform.

Enjoy World Quaker Day!

                 Denise Gabuzda, IYM Clerk