JYM 2020 The Remix! – Free, Online January 1st – 3rd 2021 For Young Friends 14 – 18 years

This year’s JYM will be held at New Year’s due to the coronavirus situation.

This FREE event is for young people and organised by young Quakers. We aim to provide a caring community for young people, and to allow them to build friendships which they will carry with them throughout the year.

The theme for Online JYM 2021 is Community. Throughout the course of the few days, we will discuss the value of community in our lives and in the workings of the world.

Through our sessions we’ll look at how community influences our behaviour and what might happen if there was no community around us, and we’ll debate the importance of community in our lives. We’ll also discuss how each of us can bring more community into our lives.

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