Loving Earth exhibition is now touring Ireland!

The Loving Earth Project exhibition is on tour in Ireland during March and April 2022.

Funding has been secured to support the hosting of workshops as well as the Loving Earth exhibition, which consists of 50 A4-size textile panels made by Quakers and others in the UK to celebrate the earth and to highlight how so many aspects of it are endangered by climate change.

The exhibition will take place in the following locations:

South Belfast 21st-26th March

Craigavon Millenium Court Portadown 28th March – 2nd April

The Playhouse Londonderry  4th- 9th April 

Cork Friends Meeting House 18th-22nd April

See this poster about the exhibition and workshops in Cork.

The exhibition and workshops are ongoing, and were on display at COP26 in Glasgow, hosted by Glasgow Friends.

See this poster for more details about the exhibition in Ireland and the Loving Earth website to find out more about the overall project.