Quaker Service

Since 1969 Quaker Service (originally called Ulster Quaker Service) has provided services to mothers and children, prisoners and their families, young people and senior citizens.

Our Vision – to live in a society where people are valued and fulfill their potential.

Our Ethos is guided by Quaker beliefs and values. Quakers believe that there is a divine presence in everyone and this fundamental belief leads us to value the equal worth and unique nature of each individual.

  • The Monica Barritt Visitors Centre at Maghaberry Prison provides a variety of services for those visiting members of their families in prison.
  • Quaker Cottage, perched on Black Mountain 600 feet above sea level with wonderful views over Belfast. At the Cottage day care centre a range of programmes for families, for children and teenagers are provided.
  • Quaker Care Shops Lisburn Rd and Woodstock Rd stocked nearly new clothes, books, toys, furnishings. Manned by volunteers it is helping to fund the work at Quaker Cottage.

Quaker Cottage, Belfast. A meeting point for members of all communities

Quaker Cottage Belfast

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