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A selection of the books can be bought from the historical library at Quaker House Dublin. The books are listed below.  The historical library is open every Thursday from 11am to 1pm.

Books can also be ordered by phone or email order.  Just contact Quaker House Dublin at office@quakers.ie or telephone +353 (0)1 499 8003.

Postal and packaging charges for mail delivery of books are detailed in a table at the bottom of this page. (JGD/CM June 2014)

Book and Pamphlet Titles

Religion in a Changing World by Maurice J Wigham.

‘When we look at religion in this changing world, we see it is one religion and one world’. A5 8 page pamphlet   Price: €2.00 P&P: A

The Irish Quakers by Maurice J Wigham  (2nd Edition 2003)

An outline history of the Society of Friends in Ireland and an introduction to Quakerism in general.  The author, a lifelong Quaker, was a teacher and headmaster of Newtown School Waterford for 17 years.
170 pages with illustrations (260g)   Historical Committee (1992, 2003)    Price: €10.00  P&P: C

Portlaw by Desmond G Neill

A 19th Century Quaker Enterprise based on a model village.  The Malcomson mill village of 1825 preceded the planned villages of Bessbrook and Sion Mills in Ulster and may have influenced the plans for Bournville.
Occasional paper No 1. 16 pages (50g)  Historical Committee (1992)      Price: €3.00   P&P: A

Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends during the Famine in Ireland in 1846 and 1847

The Committee published its report in 1852.  Republished in 1995 with an index added.  The full story of the Committee’s work during the famine years and afterwards.
530 pages (1.1kg)       Eamon de Burca (1995)    Price: €35.00  P&P: E

Quaker relief work in Ireland’s Great Hunger by Rob Goodbody

One of the seventy seven panels of the Quaker Tapestry depicts the potato famine of 1846-49.  This booklet summarises the work done by the Central Relief Committee and explains the tapestry panel picture.
32 pages illustrated.  (80g)      Quaker Tapestry Booklets (1995)        Price:  €3.50 P&P: A

 A Suitable Channel by Rob Goodbody

Includes the extra material that would not fit inside the Quaker Tapestry booklet. Telling the story of the Quaker Central Relief Committee involvement in famine relief.
99 pages (250g)           Pale Publishing (1995)    Price: €9.00 P&P: B

A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Quakers by Richard S Harrison 2nd Edition

Includes the details of 300 Irish Friends from the 350 years of Quakers in Ireland.  Biographical details and anecdotes collected over a thirty year period are presented here in readable form.
123 pages. (370g)        Four Courts Press (2008)          Price: €50.00 P&P: C

 History of the Religious Society of Friends in Lurgan by Arthur G Chapman

The first Quaker Meeting in Ireland was established in Lurgan in 1654.  Tells of the contribution Friends have made to the district over three and a half centuries.
73 pages illustrated. (170g)     Lurgan Friends Meeting(1997)  Price: €6.00  P&P: B

Friends and 1798 by Glynn Douglas

Quaker witness to non-violence in 18th Century Ireland.  Extracts from contemporary records and personal recollections of members of the Society of Friends of the 1798 uprising.
95 pages illustrated.  (240g) HistoricalCommittee 1998        Price: €10.00   P&P: B

James & Mary Ellis – Quaker famine relief in Letterfrack by Joan C Johnson

An account of the Ellis response to the appalling destitution found in Co. Galway when, at the age of 56, James bought land and became a resident landlord in 1849.
81 pages illustrated.  (300g) Historical Committee (2000)       Price: €11.50 P&P: C

The Friendly Guide to Quakerism by Janet Cameron, Simon Lamb, Aidan McCartney & David Morton.

A 350 year history of the Society of Friends in 32 colourful pages of well chosen quotations and illustrations taken from the world wide family of Friends.
A4 – 32 pages in colour (190g)          IYMYouth Committee (2002)  €4.00 P&P: B

 The Beginnings of Quakerism in 17th Century Ireland by John M Douglas

The address given at theTercentenary Conference in 1954.  It examines the background of the first fifty years of Quakers in Ireland.
Occasional Paper No 2 – A5 20 pages (70g) Historical Committee (2004)    Price:  €3.00 P&P: A

 The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland by David M Butler

The history and features of about 150 Meeting Houses and 100 known burial grounds used by Quakers in Ireland since they settled their first meetings in 1654.
254 A4 pages with plans and sketches. (1.3kg)         Historical Committee (2004)
Price:  €25.00 P&P: E

 100 Years and More–History of Friends in Portadown by Arthur G Chapman

Although the Meeting House in Portadown is only 100 years old, Friends have been active in the area for three and a half centuries. This is their story.
71 A5 pages with photographs.  (160g)         Lurgan Friends Meeting (2005)
Price: €10.00 P&P: B 

Victor Bewley’s Memoirs  By Fiona Murdoch

The life story of a well-known Dublin Friend (1912-1999) as told to his granddaughter, revealing a sensitive man with a quiet determination to help others.  The account includes his  vision for the family business, work with the Travelling community.
112 A5 pages (200g)   Veritas 2002    Price: €11.00 P&P: B

Merchants, Mystics & Philanthropists – By Richard S Harrison

350 years of Cork Quakers and their historic connection with Cork City and surroundings.
235 pages illustrated. (570g)   Cork Monthly Meeting (2006)    Price: €20.00 P&P: D

 Sean Harrington – Pacifist Quaker 1900 -1976  Edited by Charles B Lamb

Reminiscences of a war of independence veteran, who joined the IRA and rose to become a Section Commander.  Becoming interested in pacifism he discovered Friends and joined the Society in 1943.
36 A5 pages.  (90g)     CBL Services, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary           Price:  €4.50 P&P: A

The Annals of Ballitore – Edited by Mario Corrigan, Michael Kavanagh and Karel Kiely.

Being a compilation of Annals of Ballitore by Mary Leadbetter (1758-1826) and Ballitore and its Inhabitants Seventy Years Ago by Betsy Shackleton (1783-1843).
320 pages (820g)         Kildare Co Library (2009)       Price: €20.00 P&P: D

The Richardsons of Bessbrook – By Richard S Harrison.

An account of the Ulster linen industry 1845-1921 through three generations of the Richardson family outlining the development of Bessbrook village, involvement in temperance and the life of a Liberal MP.
235 pages (450g)         Original Writing Ltd. Dublin  (2009)     Price: €20.00 P&P: D

 Coming from the Silence – Edited by Ann Le Mare & Felicity McCartney

Quaker peace building initiatives in Northern Ireland 1969-2007.  Describes the history and working of four major projects: Quaker House Belfast, Ulster Quaker Service Committee, Quaker Peace Education Project.
185 A5 pages (450g)   William Sessions York 2009   Price: €10.00 P&P: C

Quakers in Lisburn-Four centuries of Work and Witness by Arthur G Chapman

Friends arrived in the 1650’s and have been active in the area ever since.  The rise and disappearance of the outlying Meetings of Lisburn and its Monthly Meeting and its Friends down to the present day.

88 A5 pages (170g)     Ulster Friends Home Mission (2009)    Price: €10.00 P&P: B

 Joseph Williams – Recollections of the Rebellion of 1798. Edited by Jennifer Keogh.

Eye-witness account of life in Wexford during 1798 by a Quaker miller.
12 A5 pages (25g)       Historical  Committee (2011)    Price: €3 P&P:A

 A Jacob Family – Tramore in the 1900s compiled by Philip R Jacob.

History of the family from their arrival in Ireland up to 1950.
239 A5 pages  (500g)  Jacob Books Dublin    Price: €10 P&P: C

A Fortunate Fellow – by Philip R Jacob.

The memoirs of an 80 year old life long Irish Friend.
280 A5 pages (430g)   Jacob Books Dublin (2011)       Price: €10 P&P: C 

‘Them Wild Woods’ -The Transatlantic Letters of an Irish Quaker Family 1818-1877 Letters of the Greeves, O’Brien and Sinton families Edited by Bill Jackson
400 pages 200 x 265 mms (1400g)     Ulster Historical Foundation (2011 )   Price: €20 P&P: E

Dr John Rutty of Dublin (1698-1775) by Richard S Harrison.

Biography of the naturalist, medical man, philosopher and Quaker historian.
271 A5 pages (650g)   Original Writing Ltd Dublin (2011)    Price: €20 P&P: D

The Goodbodys – The Story of an Irish Quaker Family 1630-1950 by Michael Goodbody.

The Goodbody family’s involvement in the industrialisation of Ireland.
532 pages 185 x 255 mm (1600g) Ashfield Press Dublin (2011)  Price: €40 P&P: F

Bloomfield: A history 1812-2012 Glynn Douglas, Rob Goodbody, Alice Mauger and John Davey.

A history of the Dublin Quaker psychiatric hospital.
288 pages 175 x 245 mm (850g)  Ashfield Press Dublin (2011)  Price: €20  P&P: D

Quaker Life and Practice.

A book of the Christian experience of the Religious Society of Friends in Ireland.
280 pages 143 x 210 mm (400g)  Yearly Meeting Dublin (2012)  Price: €10 P&P: D

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