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Quakers have always  expressed their faith in action, particularly social action and peace-making. The words of the French Quaker Stephen Grellet encapsulate the concern of Friends to live out their faith in a practical way.

I shall pass this way but once, if therefore there be any good thing I can do, let me do it now, let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again

Irish Quaker Faith in Action

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The purpose of IQFA is to give practical and spiritual help and support to the Christian concerns of Irish Friends desiring to be guided to do God’s work in helping build His kingdom on Earth.

You can see the IQFA website here.

Recent projects include the following:

Projects funded in 2020 include the following:

Christian Aid is an international and development agency of the Protestant Churches of Great Britain and Ireland. IQFA provided €5000 for work aimed at improving the quality of life of the rural population in Zimbabwe. These funds will support a beekeeping business, including tree planting and well drilling, as well as other businesses organised around the trade, maintenance and repair of mobile phones, tablets, solar lighting kits and radios.

Craigavon Youth for Christ works with local churches, partners and the community in Northern Ireland with the aim to helping young people experience, share and be transformed by the love of God, and reach their full potential physical, emotionally, educationally and spiritually. IQFA provided £2500 to assist with the initial costs of employing a female youth worker to work in the Craigavon area.

The Jubilee House Community Center for Development in Central America, works jointly with local communities in Nicaragua to achieve their own goals, rather than imposing outside projects. Their main areas of work include sustainable economic development, sustainable agriculture, primary health care, education, and application of appropriate technology.  IQFA provided €3500 to support the Nueva Vida Health Clinic.

Nour el Marifa is a charity operating in the Gaza Strip, whose activities are aimed primarily at assisting students throughout their studies, as well as needy and poor families in the Gaza Strip. IQFA provided €1500 for winter clothing.

The Palestine Trauma Centre supports mental health and community workers in Gaza, who aim to alleviate the suffering of traumatized local populations through a variety of mental health programmes. IQFA provided €3000 to support the Gaza Focusing Project.

Quaker Service is a social welfare charity that has been operating in Northern Ireland for 50 years, to provide practical, social and emotional support services that value and empower people, with the aim of reducing violence, suffering and disadvantage. IQFA provided £4000 to help pay for transportation to and from Quaker Cottage, as well as £5000 to support work in prisons being carried out by Quaker Service.

WALJOK: is a small US charity whose main work is aimed at supporting the AVP Student Residence in Sorata, Bolivia, which provides a home away from home for secondary school students whose villages have primary, but not secondary, schools. IQFA provided €4000 for equipment and furniture needed at the Student Residence, including a large water tank and solar panels to ensure an adequate water and electricity supply.

IQFA Newsletter for 2019

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