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Who are EcoQuakers?

The EcoQuakers Ireland Committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting has as its main focus the spiritual basis for environmentalism and respect for the Earth.

What do EcoQuakers do?

The main aims of the committee are:

1) To provide a Quaker input into environmental and related social and economic challenges in Ireland;

2) To encourage Friends and Meetings to become better informed about these issues, and to address them with greater confidence and conviction;

3) To connect with similar initiatives in other Yearly Meetings and like-minded organisations.

How EcoQuakers began

The EcoQuakers Ireland Committee has it origins in a concern brought to Ireland Yearly Meeting in 2008 by Natasha Harty (Cork) and Tony Weekes (South Belfast) under the title ‘Caring for Creation – what canst thou do?’ EcoQuakers Ireland became a recognised committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting in 2009.

EcoQuakers in the community

An important part of the activities of EcoQuakers Ireland has been our goal of visiting each preparative meeting on the island, to discuss connections between the traditional Quaker testimonies and concern and respect for the environment. Each of these visits has proven to have its own unique character, and to provide its own themes and sources of inspiration. It is our hope that this series of visits and discussions will help bring Environmental Concern into the mainstream of Quakerism in Ireland.

Find out more about EcoQuakers

EcoQuakers Ireland provides regular contributions to The Friendly Word. The Committee has organized a number of Special Interest Groups at Ireland Yearly Meeting and other events related to care for the environment and sustainability, taking up themes such as the testimonies to equality and simplicity, the ongoing economic crisis and ethical investment.

Meet the EcoQuaker Committee

The present members are: Richard Bloomfield (Cork), Alice Clark (South Belfast), Lynn Finnegan (Coleraine), Fiona Murdoch (Rathfarnham), and Jane Touhey (Churchtown). The IYM representative to Eco-Congregation Ireland, Fran Brady (Dublin Meeting), is an Ex-officio member.

For further information, contact Richard Bloomfield (


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