All are welcome at Coleraine Meeting

  • visiting Quakers
  • seekers from all traditions and faiths
  • the curious.

Meeting for Worship takes place every Sunday at 11.30am.

Worship lasts for one hour.  It begins in silence and ends with people shaking hands.  On average, around 8-10 adults attend.

The Meeting can often have complete silence for the full hour of Worship. However, as the Spirit moves, people may speak something that is on their heart that they think is for the Meeting.

There is a Children’s Meeting, (for all under 16), which also starts at 11.30am in a separate space- the children join the main Meeting for the last 15 minutes of the Meeting.

There is a small library of books (on Quaker-related material) available to read during worship, or to borrow.

A film about Coleraine Meeting, Waiting & Silence, was released in April 2015. To view the Trailer for Waiting & Silence, go to

Copies of Waiting & Silence can be purchased at

Refreshments are available after Meeting for Worship, where people informally catch up on each others’ lives.

The meeting has a Discussion Session on the first Sunday of each month, which is after tea and coffee

For further information, contact Paul at 07967 803 837


Coleraine Meeting is part of Lisburn Meeting.

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