Ireland Yearly Meeting Epistle – April 2010

The Yearly Meeting Epistle is a traditional greeting, written in the course of each country’s Yearly Meeting and agreed to by all the participants.  The Epistle is sent to Yearly Meetings throughout the world.



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To Friends everywhere

Dear Friends

We send loving greetings from Ireland Yearly Meeting met in spring sunshine from 8-11 April 2010 in Lisburn.  The underlying theme which emerged was one of being true to our vision.  Our Testimonies are a vision of a way of living.  They express our beliefs in words which leads to action. Jesus taught us to think positively and to live our lives in God’s enabling love.

Quaker House Belfast has been an example of Quaker witness stemming from a concern and sustained by the prayers and support of Friends from around the world.  After 28 years of service to the wider community this project has been laid down.  ‘Living the Vision – Building Peace – A Personal Journey’ was the title of the public lecture given by Anne Bennett, a previous representative at Quaker House.  She referred to the parable of the talents (Matthew 25v14-30) and challenged us to use our gifts wisely.  We recognise that there is still peace-building to be done in Northern Ireland and that we  need to be open to God’s guidance

We were especially glad to welcome Jonathan Morton and Paul and Becca Mohally Renk who grew up among Friends and have been working in Latin America.  Jonathan, and his wife Lupita lead a ministry with One Mission Society which recently included relief and restoration work in Haiti.  Paul and Becca work for the Centre for Development in Central America and are based in Nicaragua where they  support sustainable development and fair trade.  These Friends work from a faith basis which recognises the importance of long term commitment.

Friends work through Irish Quaker Faith in Action (IQFA), Eco Quakers and the ‘Why Violence?’ Campaign are examples of the testimonies come to life in witness. We are impressed by the variety of work IQFA has been able to support from meagre resources.  The ‘Why Violence?’ Campaign started by Friends engaged schools in discussion and art work on the theme of peace.  Colourful posters created by the children brightened our mealtimes.

Ministry and Oversight considered the holding of meetings for worship for business which should be a mutual submission to each other in the Spirit.  We were reminded to hold the clerk in prayerful support and to attend with heart and mind prepared and not with heart and mind made up.

The volunteers who run our historic library continue the work that Friends have done since our earliest years.  Modern technology has enabled greater access to our records and our enhanced website provides a window to the world while The Friendly Word magazine provides a platform for information and comment.

Saturday evening is traditionally led by Young Friends and we were inspired by their enthusiasm and challenged by their openness to differences.  After hearing lively reports we broke into small groups and discussed hopes and fears for young people to-day.  Feedback was posted around a large umbrella symbolic of a safe place to deal with life’s challenges.  As we leave, we are conscious that our young people face an uncertain future in a world gripped by recession, but we are confident of God’s help to become a living witness to our testimonies.

‘Always my dear Friends, dwell in the life and love and power and wisdom of God, in unity with one another, and with God’   William Edmundson

Signed on behalf of Ireland Yearly Meeting

Alan C. Pim, Clerk