Leinster Quarterly Meeting, June 2016

The theme of Leinster Quarterly Meeting, which was held in Enniscorthy on 25th June, was “Go and Do Likewise” (Luke 10: 25-37), following on from the theme of Ireland Yearly Meeting 2016: “Who is My Neighbour?”

Ian Woods of Dublin Preparative Meeting talked about how ‘doing likewise’ – being compassionate and caring for our neighbour – could be done both on an individual and corporate basis.  He asked if we needed to coordinate the efforts of the various funds and committees to address the needs of those who are marginalised both at home and abroad. He also stressed the need to ensure that any investments held were ethical. He said that, while we can act individually and donate to worthy causes, we also need to look at how we can act collectively as a Religious Society to address inequality and poverty.

Jonathan Pim talked about various projects supported by Irish Friends, including  the Alternatives to Violence Project and the development of the visitor centre at Wheatfield Prison. He also spoke about the work of Irish Quaker Faith in Action,  which supports many projects such as Christian Aid’s work in Zimbabwe and Jubilee House in West Uganda. Quaker Cottage in Ulster has done tremendously important work and continues to support individuals, families and communities.

While contributing to these funds gives us a good feeling and is, itself, important, Jonathan challenged us to reflect on whether we do enough in our own lives to ‘go and do likewise’.

Are we using our talents and gifts to their fullest extent for the benefit of others? Do we step outside our comfort zone to help others or do we just content ourselves with a monetary donation to good causes?

A full report may be read here >> Report on LQM June 2016