About Quakers

‘The Religious Society of Friends’ is the official title. Members first began to be called ‘Quakers’ soon after the foundation of the Society; this is really a nickname, but is now more commonly used than the official title. The words ‘Friend’ and ‘Quaker’ are interchangeable.

Friends have always believed in seeking guidance direct from God in corporate as well as private prayer and worship. Because fresh insights are always being revealed Friends have never had a written creed or a printed prayer book. The spiritual experience of Friends down through the years has been recorded in writing, and is an immensely valuable source of inspiration. Our important basic beliefs and principles have for many years been outlined in “General Christian Counsel” and “The Queries for Serious Consideration”.

We have about 1500 members throughout the island of Ireland, and Meetings for Worship in or near the larger cities. “All are welcome” at these meetings.

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