Queries for Serious Consideration

The intention of directing these queries to be read and considered in our meetings, is to encourage each of our members to examine whether he himself is coming up in that life of self-denial and devotedness unto God, which becomes all who make profession of the name of Christ; remembering that it is to individual faithfulness to Him, in daily dependence upon the Holy Spirit, that we must look for growth in the Truth, and for vitality in the Church.

1. Are you convinced of the reality of God and do you respond to His Spirit at work within you? Have you individually, through repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, experienced true conversion of heart? Do you depend on the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit and do you show this by your devotion to God and by your love to all people?

2. Do you make time, in private retirement, for meditation, prayer and thanksgiving, and do you take opportunities for reading and understanding the Bible and other writings which reveal the ways of God? Do you encourage these practices in members of your family, individually, together and in other groups?

3. Do you gather together at Meetings for Worship in expectant waiting on God, prepared to share experiences and insights? Are these Meetings occasions, when, by the help of the Holy Spirit you are enabled unitedly to worship God? Are you open to the promptings of the Spirit, and sensitive to one another’s needs, whether your response be in silent worship or through the spoken word?

4. Is your way of life in keeping with the teaching of Jesus? Do you watch against conformity to commonly-accepted standards, and against the love of ease and self- indulgence which hinders your spiritual growth and service for Christ?

5. Are you honest in your daily work and in all your personal relationships? Do you maintain integrity in your dealings with government authorities and other outward concerns? Do you guard against covetousness, remembering that the quality of life does not depend on the abundance of possessions? Do you seek to discern how much of your time, talents and resources you should devote to the service of others?

6. Do you cherish an understanding and forgiving spirit? Do you avoid unkind gossip and the spreading of rumour? Do you avoid damaging the reputation of others? Do you cultivate an appreciation of each individual’s worth?

7. Do you live in that life and power which takes away the occasion of violent conflict, and with God’s help work for reconciliation between individuals, groups and nations? Do you faithfully maintain our witness that all war, or preparation for it, is inconsistent with the spirit and teaching of Christ?

8. Are you concerned with the Preparative, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Meetings during which the business of the Society is conducted? Are these meetings held in a spirit of worship and dependence upon the guidance of God? Do you take your right share in the service of these meetings, realising they are essential for the support and development of our corporate concerns? Do you carry out discipline, when advisable, in a sensitive and Christian manner?

9. Is your meeting one to which all can feel a sense of belonging, taking their full share in its concerns and practical work? Do you as a meeting maintain a loving and watchful care over all who worship with you including those who are unable to attend?

10. Do you, who are parents, and others having children in your care, seek by prayerful endeavour and example to lead them to a knowledge of the Truth as it is in Jesus Christ? Do you make opportunities for all, especially the young people in the meeting, to learn of essential Christian truth and to understand the basis of Quaker experience and witness?

11. Do you fulfil your part as a religious society and as individuals in promoting the cause of Truth and in spreading the message of Christ throughout the world?

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