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'Pilgrim Verses' book to raise funds for AVP

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) has produced a poetry book, Pilgrim Verses, with all profits from sales going to the work of AVP.

Pilgrim Verses contains a collection of beautiful and simple poems about travels, religion, family and life by Padraic Murray, who is one of the AVP directors and who attends Monkstown Meeting. 

The poems are accompanied by calligraphies by Vincent Daniau.   

Padraic says, “I have had the pleasure of walking parts of the Camino de Santiago on four separate occasions between 2006 and 2013. It was a vivid reminder, if needed, that life indeed is a pilgrimage.

“For reasons of health and climate concern, I am now discovering the pilgrim paths of my native Ireland. The pilgrimages marked my journey from spiritual certainty to questioning. Many of these concerns are reflected in the verses, which for the most part were composed ‘on the spot’ with the help of a series of now defunct iPhones. The verses of varying quality were herded into a single document and with the help of family and friends we narrowed them down.”

The book costs €15 and can be ordered directly from Padraic by emailing

The book will also be available for purchase at various Quaker Meetings and AVP events. 

Padraic is happy to visit Meetings around Ireland to share a couple of his poems and to talk about the work of AVP. Why not invite him?

Help Us Raise Funds for IQFA!

Would you like to see the IQFA Sale up and running again? We are hoping to resurrect the annual IQFA fundraiser and plans are underway to hold an event in Rathfarnham Meeting House on 10/10/20.

Please SAVE THE DATE and let us know how you might be able to help! We won’t be able to do it without a band of volunteers.

The sale has been run for decades by a dedicated crew and it is time for new volunteers to come forward to ensure this important fundraiser for Irish Quaker Faith in Action (IQFA) continues.

We are considering a different kind of event than previous years and are brainstorming various possibilities at the moment.

How can you help? Put the date in your diary and let Simon Bewley know your ideas and how you might be able to help by emailing him at

Watch the EcoQuakers film!

‘Quakers: The Spiritual Journey of Earthcare’ – a film by EcoQuakers Ireland – premiered during Yearly Meeting at the Millennium Theatre, Limerick, on 19th July 2018.

The film features a number of Irish Quakers talking about the spiritual challenges around sustainability, where they find joy in the sustainability journey and what their one wish for change in Ireland would be in relation to sustainability >>

You can find out more about EcoQuakers Ireland here.

Love and Despair: Actions and Responses to Climate Breakdown

A very inspiring EcoQuaker Gathering on the theme Love and Despair: Actions and Responses to Climate Breakdown, took place at South Belfast Quaker Meeting House on Saturday 19th October 2019. The gathering opened with a period of quiet reflection and worship, which afforded an opportunity to reflect on ‘where we are’. During this quiet time 16 attendees spoke briefly about their environmental story. Their varied and sincere contributions set the tone for an informative gathering, which endeavoured to identify positive ways forward.

Thought-provoking presentations were delivered by three excellent speakers.

Lindsey Fielder-Cook, Quaker United Nations Office Representative for Climate Change, had a background in human rights and peace-building before becoming firmly convinced that climate change is a human rights issue. She communicates with, and is inspired by, faith organisations worldwide. Courage not despair is needed. We should look back to see where we came from and, for Quakers, there is the encouragement that Quakers took a stance against the slave trade, a stance which ended in the abolition of slavery. Guilt trips or shaming should be avoided. Instead, in the words of George Fox, we should “walk cheerfully over the world answering that of God in everyone”.

Both Lyndsey and John Barry, the second speaker, spoke about their empathy with scientists who need to be heard by governments. John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy, Queens University Belfast spoke of colleagues who are depressed by the serious situation of climate breakdown. He also spoke about the need for courage, hope and activism, which are often preceded by denial, anger, depression and despair. Personal change should not be encumbered by a blame culture. We need to radically come to the realisation that we do not need any more technology. Instead we need to lower our consumption. The concept of GDP should be challenged. A bizarre scenario is a car crash which results in damage to the vehicle. The outcome of this scenario would show a positive GDP when vehicle repair, litigation costs and other related costs are calculated. However, there is no GDP measure for unpaid work of women or the work of volunteers, which add considerably to the well-being of a community. We need to re-think and remake society.

Lynn Finnegan, Writer for ‘UN Earth Negotiations Bulletin’ and Member of EcoQuakers Committee spoke of compassion and insight. When you are not afraid of the world’s pain you can go in. Go radically, not violently. Let there be no more conflict like US and THEM. Goodness runs through every human heart. Lynn spoke of the Great Turning which involves the transition from a doomed economy of industrial growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the recovery of our world. 

The attainment of this Great Turning can involve a mix of outrage and optimism.

We are witnessing outrage and optimism now in our young schoolchildren who are trying to educate adults. Outrage is the fuel. Optimism is the direction which transforms the outrage into ethical responses and positive actions.


Save the date: Ireland Yearly Meeting 2020

IYM2020 is planned for April 16th – 19th, 2020 in Stranmillis University College, Belfast.

This information is posted so that those interested may note the dates for their diary – please do not make inquiries to either Stranmillis or the Quaker Office at this time, as details are not yet in place.   Further information, booking forms etc will be available closer to the time.