New Year, new beginnings – ‘The Transforming Power of Holy Obedience’

Most New Year resolutions focus on getting fit, losing weight etc. – goals to improve our physical and mental well-being. This is all very laudable but there’s no reason why some of our New Year resolutions shouldn’t have the purpose of improving our spiritual lives too.

From the very earliest days in Quaker history Friends have spoken clearly of how the reality of the presence of the living inward Christ gives us hope and purpose and a sense of the peace that passes all understanding.

Do we have a strong sense of the presence of the living inward Christ? Or are there steps we can take to help us feel a greater sense of the hope and purpose of Jesus Christ?

Simon C Lamb, Clerk of FWCC

Simon Lamb, Clerk of the Friends World Committee for Consultation and a Member of Richill Meeting, gave a talk on the theme, The Transforming Power of Holy Obedience, in La Paz, Bolivia, in 2014. The talk makes ideal reading at the start of 2017 as we seek to prioritise and plan ahead for the coming year.

Simon says that, when George Fox challenged us to ‘Let our lives preach’, he was challenging us to live lives of wholeness, where our actions and the principles we believe in are the same. “And if our day to day existence becomes a living expression of integrity, then our neighbours and our friends, that we come in contact with, will see that the God we love is real, not because we tell them so, but because they see the transformation that our relationship with God has created in us. Our God is a God of changed lives,” he says.

You can read the full text of Simon’s talk here >> The Transforming Power of Holy Obedience