‘Living Our Faith Daily’ – IYM 2018 Public Lecture

‘Living Our Faith Daily: the practice of testimony’ was the title of the public lecture delivered by Ben Pink Dandelion of Birmingham University and Woodbrooke at Ireland Yearly Meeting in Limerick Institute of Technology on 20th June.

His talk took a Quaker perspective on what it is to try and be a ‘mystic in the midst’ – to try and lead an authentic spiritual life amongst our daily concerns and attachments.

Testimony in the Quaker tradition refers to the way our faith is expressed in everyday life and so living our faith daily is about the practice of that expression.

The Quaker testimonies include Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community and Equality. Some would add the testimony to Sustainability too.

Ben spoke from his knowledge of Quaker tradition as well as his own experience in reflecting on how we can best inhabit our spiritual aspirations.

You can read the full text of Ben’s talk here >> ‘Living Our Faith Daily: the practice of testimony’