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Dublin Quakers podcast

On Christmas Day Dublin South FM presented an hour-long broadcast entitled Our friends in Dublin.  Their presenter Mary Lavin had spotted the poster announcing the 150th anniversary of Churchtown Meeting and decided to investigate Dublin Quakersand their faith and practice.  During the previous summer she had interviewed a number of Dublin Friends  and this was the result.  To hear the podcast click on and scroll down to Our Friends in Dublin.

The Palestinian/Israeli situation: talk by Ian Bell

Seeking Peace in a Difficult Place –
A hard task to follow

 Saturday 20th October, 2012
At Churchtown Meeting House
10.30am- 1.00pm

 Last May, Ireland Yearly Meeting Peace Committee co-operated with Dublin Monthly Meeting Peace Committee and Churchtown Meeting to arrange a seminar at Churchtown Meeting House.  We discussed the situation in Palestine and Israel.

 The four speakers there gave quite differing views on the subject.  It was important that this breadth of thinking was equally shared and respected. These talks were followed by a general discussion, followed by lively discussions in groups.

 Friends there made it clear that they would like to see this followed up by other meetings. To help us to address an often contentious and emotive subject, we all felt that the input of qualified information and experience was vital.

 With this in mind, we are arranging a further meeting, again in Churchtown Meeting House, for 20th October, 2012.

 Ian Bell, a non-resident-in-Ireland Friend of Lisburn Meeting, with wide experience of the Palestininian/Israeli situation and other international problem areas, has been asked to speak to us.  Ian has spoken widely on the subject to many people in many places throughout the British Isles and beyond. 

 He was an ecumenical accompanier in EAPPI [The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel].

 As well as talking about his own experiences, he will put them in the context of what EAPPI seeks to achieve, why, the rationale of its methods and their effectiveness and its selection process. He has wide international experience in his career. Why did EAPPI seem a good project for him to become involved in?

 Yourquestions and your part in the open discussion are absolutely central to this event. So please put Saturday 20th October into your diary.

 The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) brings internationals to the West Bank to experience life under occupation. Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) provide protective presence to vulnerable communities, monitor and report human rights abuses and support Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace.

The World Council of Churches set up this programme in 2002 in response to requests from Palestinian Christians to people of goodwill around the world who wish to see the realities of occupation for themselves.

It is managed by the Religious Society of Friends from Friends House in London.

10.30-11.00am – coffee
11.00 a.m.Ian Bell
12.00open discussion and questions. Finishing at approximately 1.00 p.m.

Tea and Coffee will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch.

Science and Spirituality: a talk by Linda Hoy

Prior to the business of Dublin Monthly Meeting at Monkstown Meeting House on 17th October Linda, a Quaker at Sheffield Meeting, will be speaking at 7.15 for 30 minutes on Science and spirituality.

What happens when we die? Does life have a purpose? Does God exist? Linda’s book The Effect explores time-travel, parallel worlds and life-after-death to show how cutting-edge science validates what mystics and spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries.

Linda will be in Dublin because she has been invited by the Science & Medical Network to speak at their week-end event (18-21 October) at An Grianan, Co Louth.


Building Communities with Dignity in Nicaragua – Public Talks in April

Nicaragua is ranked 129th in the UN Human Development Index (2011) and is one of the poorest countries in the northern hemisphere.

A series of public lectures will be held over the next two weeks describing the daily challenges faced by ordinary Nicaraguans and highlighting the work of the Center for Development Central America (CDCA) in Nicaragua.

Irish Quakers Becca and Paul Mohally Renk of CDCA will give a a 30 minute presentation entitled ‘Beyond Survival: Building Communities with Dignity’  at various locations in April.

In their presentation,  they describe their work with CDCA in Nicaragua, supporting farming and light manufacturing cooperatives – and how the work of these cooperatives promotes long term, sustainable human and economic development.

Dates and locations for the presentations are as follows:

Sunday April 1st
12:00 PM Cork Quaker Meeting House, Summerhill South, Cork City

Wednesday April 4th
6:30 PM Bishopstown Rotary Club, River Lee Hotel, Western Road, Cork City

Wednesday April 11th
8:30 PM North Cork Organic Group, Nano Nagle Retreat Centre, Killavulle, County Cork

Friday April 13th
4:30 PM, Ireland Yearly Meeting (Quakers), Quaker House,Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
If you are not a Quaker and are interested in attending this meeting, please request permission by writing to The Clerk, Ireland Yearly Meeting, Quaker House, Stocking Lane, Dublin 16.

Monday April 16th
1.00 PM Portadown Rotary Club, Seagoe Hotel, 22 Upper Church Lane, Craigavon, N. Ireland

Tuesday April 17th
6.00 PM, Banbridge Rotary Club, Belmont Hotel, Rathfriland Road, Banbridge, Co.Down, N.Ireland

Wednesday April 18th
7.00 PM Galway One World Centre, 76 Prospect Hill, Galway

Thursday April 19th
6:15 PM Courtyard Cafe, Letterfrack, Connemara, Co. Galway


Junior Yearly Meeting 9th-13th of April 2012 in Ovoca Manor, County Wicklow.

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) of The Religious Society of Friends in Ireland will be heald this year from Monday 9th to Friday 13th April 2012 in Ovoca Manor, County Wicklow.

Junior Yearly Meeting is a gathering for young friends and other young people from throughout the island of Ireland who are interested in Quakerism.  Please login to the members section for more details on cost, programme and application form.

Continue reading Junior Yearly Meeting 9th-13th of April 2012 in Ovoca Manor, County Wicklow.

Peace Vigil at Shannon Airport on 11th March

Limerick Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) invites you to join them at the Peace Vigil at Shannon Airport on 11th March 2012.

Shannonwatch and PANA have been organising peace vigils at the entrance of Shannon Airport every 2nd Sunday of the month for some time.  They speak on behalf of all in Ireland who are unhappy with the US military use of the airport.

A special effort is being made to meet on Sunday 11th March to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the US war against the people of Iraq.  Denis Halliday is one of the people who will be marking this event.

Limerick Meeting invites all Friends in Ireland to join us on 11th March to consider the peace testimony and its place amongst Friends, and then to join the peace vigil at Shannon Airport.

Join us for:

  • Meeting at 11am
  • Soup and sandwiches at 12pm
  • 12.30pm – Denis Halliday and others will share their experiences of the Quaker peace testimony and its place today
  • 1.30pm – to airport for vigil at 2pm.

For further information please contact Anne Goggin –

Quaker vigil at Eurosatory Arms Fair in Paris on 9th June 2012

Join European Quakers in Paris at the International Arms Trade Exhibition on June 11-15, 2012

Europes Largest Defence and Security Industry Trade Show

Europe’s largest Defence & Security industry trade show “Eurosatory” takes place in Paris every two years.  In protest of this event, for many years Quakers have maintained a vigil.

The Quaker Vigil

Simon M. (16 year of age) writes: “The 2010 vigil was awesome. We came together from Germany Switzerland, France, and England.  During the day of the opening of the exhibition, we stood in front of the Metro stop completely dressed in white to greet the visitors, most of whom were wearing black or were in uniform.  We had prepared banners with slogans such as ‘If war is the answer, we need a new question.‘ and signs of weapons crossed through, and postcards to hand out. Quakers from Paris prepared meals for us. And there was plenty of time for sightseeing.”

Photos of the 2010 vigil are on the FWCCEMES website.

Information about the Eurosatory Arms Fair can be found on their website.

How Can I Join the Quaker Vigil?

Participants must be over 18 (younger participants must be accompanied by adults who are legal guardians).

Accommodation: €30-50 triple/double/single room.

Programme :

Saturday, June 9th 2012 – Travel by train to Paris

Sunday, June 10th 2012 – Sightseeing in Paris

Monday, June 11th 2012 – International Quaker Vigil at the Eurosatory Arms Fair

Tuesday, June 12th 2012 –   Return home by train.

Anyone wishing to stay longer is more than welcome to do so.

For more information contact:

Bernhard Klinghammer
Kaliweg 31,
 30952 Ronnenberg,